Location is very important

July 11, 2018

Interactive kiosks are computer stations set up in public lacers for use by the public. The system makes use of different types of technology, but they are established for a single purpose – to provide computer access to people in public places. These are now available almost everywhere and the benefits to the owners are enormous. If you’re looking to setup your own interactive kiosk in Dubai, there are certain things you need to understand to have a successful deployment. You have to effectively plan, execute, and follow up in order to break even when deploying an interactive kiosk. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Location is very important

The location of the interactive kiosk is a very important, if not the most important, aspect of your decision making. The location has to be convenient enough for people to come in and make use of your system. Obviously, it should be a place where there is enough population and need for people who make find the service useful. If the interactive kiosk is deployed where people do not have easy access to the location, you may not see a lot of people coming in. So, make sure the location of the interactive kiosk is convenient enough for the users.

Have a defined goal

Whatever business you want to establish, setting a clear goal and objective will help you do the right thing and measure your progress. Defining the interactive kiosk’s business objective will also help you determine potential users and the size of kiosk you need to setup. There are different types of interactive kiosk that serves a wide range of purposes according to their demographics. One of the first things you need to do is determine what the business hopes to achieve after setup.

Use the right signage to promote the interactive kiosk

If you just setup your interactive kiosk without any sort of promotion, there is a high chance that some people may not be aware there’s a kiosk around. Use the right promotional channels (especially with signage) to promote the kiosk. This promotion can be within the vicinity for those who are visiting the area. Although promoting your kiosk means you have to spend additional cash, the benefits far outweigh the cost of promotion. Your prospective users looking for self service kiosk should be aware your kiosk is there. Otherwise, they will just look for other alternatives.

Analyze data and monitor performance

Once you’ve successfully setup the interactive kiosk, the job is still not done. You need to monitor how the kiosk is used with data analysis software. With enough information on usage statistics, including average session, number of daily users, and accomplished user goals, you can use the information to correctly reposition the interactive kiosk. With the data, you can further enhance user experience and make positive changes to improve your return on investment.

Overall, setting up a interactive kiosk is a good investment option if the environment is conducive enough after putting everything in place.