Is root canal the best solution to an infected tooth?

September 25, 2018

How does root canal workThe dental problems faced by an individual are quite painful to bear and need to be immediately treated. However, some people try to attempt at useless remedies or over-the-counter medicines for reducing the pain which actually elevates the issue. The root canal treatment is often considered to be a high-level dental treatment which is not only painful but also damages natural positioning of the teeth. Whereas the truth is precisely contrary to it as the root canal is one of the safest and most reliable methods of getting rid of the infections which take place inside the tooth or in its roots. Other than that, if someone opts to not go for the root canal and try some unreliable techniques based on the experience of random people then the results produced are awful. This way, the damage caused to the tooth or multiple teeth is most probably irreparable. This is due to the reason that the dental area is highly sensitive and needs to be treated with immense care and professional skills otherwise it might ruin the structure or the surrounding non-infected tooth as well.

How does root canal work?

The root canal is a dental treatment given to people whose tooth gets infected because of the cavity and unhealthy eating habits. The pulp on the outside of the roots gets severely infected which also might affect the surrounding tooth’s position. Here is how the root canal treatment is executed.

  • An antibiotic is prescribed first to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • After that, the affected tooth will be numbed by giving an anesthetic injection.
  • The crown of the tooth will be opened to clean the tooth from the signs of infection.
  • After cleaning, the root canal is filled with a rubber/plastic type of the filling to cover the unnatural empty space.
  • It is then sealed with the help of an adhesive.

Common misconceptions and its certainty about root canal

Root canal treatmentA lot of the people with an infected root canal have assumed that the treatment is painful and hence, refrain themselves from getting the treatment. When in reality, the root canal is performed after numbing the tooth which does not allow the patient to feel the pain of the procedure.

The root canal is not only a secure dental procedure for removing the infection but also an inexpensive treatment which does not cause unnecessary burden on the pocket. The root canal price in Dubai varies according to the different conditions; however, it is certainly not a costly treatment as presumed by the ordinary people.

Root canal treatment is given to avoid further damages which might be caused due to negligence. This proves that the procedure is absolutely recommended to secure the otherwise dental area from getting infected without ruining its natural form.

  1. The root canal is painful:
  2. The root canal is expensive:
  3. Root canal damages the natural tooth positioning:
  4. Root canal causes dental allergies:

Due to the prescribed antibiotic and painkillers for a specific time period after the root canal, there is a common misconception surrounding it that root canal causes dental allergies in people with increased sensitivity. Whereas the reality is that the medicines are totally safe and suggested after taking the patient’s history of allergies etc.