What knowledge do we have regarding MARCOM strategy?

August 22, 2018

Communications strategy UAECommunication plays a critical role in developing the business, portraying the image and reputation and further delivers the corporate vision and values of the company among the common public. When external communication is a focal point of discussion, it is a vital source for bridging the gap among business units and employees as well. There are various functions of communication however when it comes to marketing, only a few people have knowledge regarding MARCOM strategies.

MARCOM basically refers to the Marketing communications that is a significant part of the business firms' overall marketing efforts. The encompassing term revolves around the communications strategy on the basis of which messages and media are set to be communicated to the market. Marketing communications strategy UAE involves the planning of various perspectives such as Public Relations activities, online activities and presence, branding, direct marketing, sales representatives, trade show appearances and sponsorships.

The Constitutes of the Marketing Communication (MARCOM strategy)

Under the umbrella of MARCOM, there are many complexes categorizes that provide the foundation of untiring marketing success. The constitutes are positioning, the marketing message of the company, marketing communication for tech startups, acknowledging the initial adopters of the tech products, and effective market communications across the Bowling Alley and Chasm.

The Art of MARCOM

Even though marketing can be immensely tricky for the start-up ventures that comprise of limited investments and resources however it is even more dilemmatic for multinational companies to effectively derive a MARCOM based framework as they are positioning their products in various market segments all around the globe. Although the literature and theories exist however it is up to the company how they utilize the concept smartly. Initially, the company should understand and devise its own MARCOM objectives for every product.

The key elements are determined such as the target audience, choice of the media, SMM, and key messages. Finally, in the completion phase, a comprehensive MARCOM strategy execution plan is devised that is pilot tested. For entrepreneurs, it is immensely crucial to understand marketing communications strategies can be developed by multiple MARCOM tactics. Philip Kotler in his book “Marketing Management” elaborates the example of Xerox, which used many mediums to conduct its efforts. They utilized public relations and extended them in many forms.


Types of MARCOM firms

Many business entities recruit MARCOM Firms for effective provisions of the marketing communication strategies. There are Marketing Consultancy firms, Advertising agencies, Public Relation Agencies, and interactive agencies. The Marketing consultancy firms offer various services ranging from the development of the marketing plan and communicating it to the stakeholders. The Ad agencies create and enhance brands through paid media. Strategic Communication planning, art design and copywriting are crucial responsibilities. The PR agencies manage the media relations where reputation and credibility are developed. The Interactive agencies develop web design and widen the scope of online marketing.

Culminating the Future Prospects

With fierce, & dynamic competition, and scarce resources, business firms are in the race of winning the largest percentage of market share. They have to sustain their top position or either achieves benchmarks. As customers are a priority for every business, companies usually hire marketing consultancies and agencies that implement MARCOM strategies.