What are the steps to becoming a certified vet assistant?

January 28, 2019

  1. Enroll in a certified program

    Vet training in DubaiThe prerequisite for starting your career as a vet assistant is to take admission in a veterinary sciences program recognized by the medical association of Dubai. Although there are plenty of certified courses, you must choose the best course after careful consideration of the course details. Some educational institutes also conduct online courses for those who are either pursuing a job or another educational course.

  2. Submit the application for the exam

    Taking into consideration the tenure of the course of the vet training in Dubai you have opted for, you will have to submit an application for the CVA exam beforehand. You will be informed about the exact time of filing the application as well as the amount of application fee by the institute you have enrolled in.

  3. Study and write the test

    After completion of the classes, you would be allowed to sit for the CVA test if you have submitted the application form maintaining the guidelines. The syllabus of the exam covers several topics centralizing animal health such as nursing skills, animal restraint, medical terminology, and surgical preparation. The scores obtained in the exam will be reviewed and if found sufficient would reward you with the certificate.

    After acquiring this certificate you would be called a certified veterinary assistant.

  4. Hands on experience are a must

    Eurovets VeterinaryAs the courses would mostly deal with theoretical know-how of becoming a vet assistant, you will have to garner some practical knowledge as well. Without it, you wouldn’t be proclaimed eligible to treat critically ill animals.

    It is advisable to look for work in nearby animal shelters, pet day care center and also in pet stores. Remember you wouldn’t have to work your whole life in a pet store and you are simply doing it to gain some experience.

    It may so happen you might have trouble getting selected for a paid job, and in that case, you should sign up as a volunteer. The pet clinics and day care centers are always in need of volunteers and they appreciate the help they get, thus it shouldn’t be tough for you to find something suitable.

    After gaining enough experience, going by state recommendations, you can then search for better job opportunities or just continue with the current one.

Source: www.eurovetsworld.com