5 Steps to Prepare your Children

July 26, 2018

Preparation for the first day of your kid to kindergarten can provoke anxiety and this is not even inevitable. Your kids are supposed to develop new habits, adapt to new routines and start to depend upon themselves which is of course, completely new for them. This transition period is the base of your kids’ whole school career and it needs to pass well to cast a positive and welcoming impression of school for the rest of their lives. Before you start your hunt for kindergarten school Dubai, let me guide you through five important points that can help you and your children.

5 Steps to Prepare your Children

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  1. Talk Routines to them

    Start changing their sleeping and breakfast routine one week prior to sending them to kindergarten. As abrupt changes can be difficult to accept and adapt to for children, go gradually with them and slowly teach your children to wake up and eat early. Ask them about what they look forward to at school and make the topic interesting.

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  2. Help their Teacher

    If you have chosen your best kindergarten school Dubai, take a paper and pencil and note down the basic details about your kid including his name, his interests, his nickname, food, pet, interests, age, medical conditions, allegories (if any), talents, favorite games and activities etc.

  3. Visit School

    Try to visit the school a week before sending your kid in. Look at the playground, his classroom and washroom. Check out if the washroom is neat and good and doesn’t flush too loud to scare your child. Don’t forget to meet the teacher and principal.

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  4. Choose a Connecting Object

    While sending your kid to the kindergarten school Dubai, give him an object such as a stuffed animal or a picture on his backpack that can remind him of home. Children are wired with people they love such as family and they direct this love to associated objects as well in the absence of related people. Don’t let them feel alone.

  5. Check out the School Routine

    Keep a check on the bell-times, drop-off and other things like parking. Teach your children some code words in case they are tried to be picked by someone else. It can make the kindergarten school Dubai safe for them.

Source: www.kidsspotnursery.ae